"Sound bites - all industry sectors have them"

The Power Quality arena has its fair share of 'sound bites' i.e. those little sayings designed to help memorize parts of the theory that makes up a complete subject. Theory is all good and well, yet many times theory just cannot explain what occurs in real life.

In this e-book, the approach to Power Quality is from an electronics point of view, rather than a power engineering one. And in so doing, provides the bridge between theory and real life. It is proving to be a world-leading outlook on this subject - substantiated by the fact more and more lecturers are using this material as a reference in their courses (bestowing a huge honour on me in the process!).

Note: You are welcome to use any of the information published here for whatever purpose you wish accepting you do so at your own risk. Please remember this work is protected by copyright meaning that referring to, using, or reproducing any part of this work is done so accepting you are legally bound to state your source and give the appropriate credits.

And finally; This e-book has no financial backing whatsoever (and fret not, I don't want any either), and not getting money to produce it means the information in this book is free. However, being free-published does not make the information any less worthy (there is this weird concept that only information paid for is it worth something!). In fact, if you have not yet involved expensive 'contracting consultants' (the guys who ask for shed-loads of money simply to get guys like me to do the work!), the value-for-money ratio is priceless.


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