What some have said....

"... an invaluable independent source for power quality equipment evaluation."

Warwickshire, UK

"Absolutely excellent set of information. Stumbled across your pages while looking for information on earth leakage and switch mode power supplies, and just kept reading, and reading, and reading...   I only hope I can provide something even one twentieth as useful and informative on IT networking technologies, application design and troubleshooting. Very well done!"


"I appreciate the wealth of information in your Power Quality website. It has some remarkable insight into the craft. I especially liked the non-mainstream descriptions of 'soft-earthing' instruments and 'creating a phantom neutral.' The entry 'Create a Common Test Lead System.' is an account that has taken me decades to realize, but is based primarily on common-sense application.

"It is great to see hints and straightforward practices committed to text for others' benefit. Clearly you have spent a lot of time 'in the trenches' and wrote a wonderful account of those times. It is a perfect use of internet as a communications medium.

"Thank you sincerely for your efforts."

Turlock, California, USA

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