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The products used in photographs and screenshots are, through practice, deemed highly suitable for this field of work. It is not intended, or to be construed, as advertising of the products or any services related to the products or their suppliers or distributors. What is featured here has, simply, been successfully used in the tracing of power quality issues.

This is a book about Power Quality, and not intended as a means to either credit or discredit any instrument or manufacturer. There are, in fact, going to be times when we will mention directly competing instruments in just one paragraph, let alone the same page! It is hoped that in all circumstances we will always credit the field of power quality engineering and thus those who have made it possible through their designs.

The instruments featured throughout this book were made available to me and so use them for my research. They are worthy of being mentioned because they stand the real test of time - over time these instruments prove to produce dependable results, every time!

A consulting engineer whom I revere made a comment to me being "I wish someone would have the backbone to make statements about instruments within the PQ industry". As I had already written about various types of instruments available, it was realized that it would also be appreciated if there was a little guidance as to which instrument manufacturers and models were considered worthy of mention. Spurred on by this comment, such instruments are now covered in a dedicated section "Who to Consider".

If an instrument is not mentioned, you should ask yourself "why?". The answer is; I have either not been exposed to the instrument in question (ok, it's possible), or, it just does not withstand the criteria to class it as a Power Quality instrument (the more likely scenario).

Unlike most other books on Power Quality, this book is being written in a personal capacity and independent of any supplier and is purely focused on power quality engineering. So if a manufacturer of PQ instruments does not contact me it can only leave everyone with the thought that their equipment does not live up to what is claimed (and saves me the trouble of having to discredit them as they're busy doing that very successfully themselves!).

So, on that rather direct note, let's get started....

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