"I'm Stuck!"

"Not having to pay for information
does not rob it of value. If anything,
it becomes priceless!"

"Free Power Quality Consultancy" - not quite, but it's close! I cannot offer a legally binding verdict to the issue in question (unless you are prepared to pay, of course!), but I can offer a personal opinion based on the evidence presented.

If you want someone to stand up in court then you need a consultant/insultant (and the difference is not always based on how much cash you part with!). Apart from myself, I also have a small list of companies I could let you have (but please don't ask me to base my reputation on them!).

But, if all you are in desperate need of is a second point of view, then you are welcome to get in touch with me (please do so first as I block all large files being sent by email). Simply email via the link at the bottom of this page, and based on what is sent will then ask for files of your recordings.

Please note that I do not divulge any information to anyone. Your data is strictly private. The only part I may use as further content in this book is the problem itself and the findings offered. All names and places are removed before it is published and will run the pages past you before publishing, just to make sure you're happy.

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