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Living in this modern world is truly wonderful, especially as there is just so much information out there. Now there is no excuse for saying "I could not find what I needed"! On this page are just a few resources open to anyone wanting to further study this rather dynamic subject. In alphabetical order..



This link takes you to another section of the website dedicated to supporting a range of products that I have come to appreciate. Application notes for Fluke, Reliable Power Meters, Enetics, and other PQ instruments can be found under the appropriate "Advanced Operating" sections.


FLUKE - Application Notes


Their application sheets, specifically those pertaining to Power Quality, are well worth a look. Although specifically product focused, they are generic enough to assist the starter to PQ. I would almost advocate a read of these before even attempting to read this book!

These can be located on the navigation bar on the left under "Application Notes".


Power Standards Laboratories - Tutor Guides

Power Standards Laboratory

Tutorials and Standards for the Power Quality Industry; Short, simple power quality tutorials for engineers - they're free, they're short, and they're a great way to get started. Once you've gone through the tutorials, you may want to look a little closer at these guys - they actually make bad power!



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