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"Don't just talk in general terms,
have some backbone and be specific!"

Quite some thought was put into whether this section should be written. It was realized that having spoken about various types of instruments in the first part of this chapter that it would possibly be appreciated if there was also a little guidance as to which instruments were considered suitable. Those featured in this section have proved this by having stood the real test of time - that is, over time these instruments have proved to produce dependable results, every time! And based on this, I am prepared to put my name to them.

And on the other hand; It is becoming increasingly annoying having to commiserate with friends in the industry regarding purchases of gear somewhat or totally unsuited for use in the power quality arena. These instruments are featured too, and are appropriately indexed (proof that backbone exists!).

These are personally generated product reviews. They are not, as many others appear to do, use manufacturer based marketing material and convert it to represent the distributor or agent. In every one of the following reports it has been noted what the instrument is found to do (or not do, as the case may be), and any other relevant aspect that should be mentioned.

There are other so-called independent reports and comparisons on the market but, yes, that's right, you have to pay shed-loads of money to obtain them! If they were that good then the companies that produced them would make them public domain. Here is a free review of all the power quality instruments that companies want you to know about and have brought to my attention. As soon as an instrument is up for evaluation it will get a slot in the index. Each report has been shown to the manufacturer first and then published here.

I don't, however, stop at this. I then "push the envelope". Users don't want to just use the instrument for the odd job, but would prefer to get the most out of their purchase. Through another section of this website, users of such instruments are offered a means to ask questions related to using the instrument in unusual applications. By having the instruments in my possession it allows experimentation to see if it can do what the user wants it to do (a common application is operating above the maximum input voltage capability).

We first give a brief overview of the companies who have got involved.

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