About the Suppliers

The companies listed in the next page have given me instruments knowing I was going to test them to the limit and beyond (in my language, "rip them to shreds!"). In short, these are the ones who have "put their money where their mouths are" and are confident their instrument is up for my treatment.

If an instrument or company is not mentioned, then the only conclusion to draw is the manufacturer is running a sales prevention program. This is more than likely fuelled by the feeling their gear is not worthy of being validated against the marketing blurb (in other words, they would prefer to not have the technical truth in the public domain).

A Note To Manufacturers/Suppliers:

The following may have you thinking I'm being a bit cheeky about this, but think again. Manufacturers of such instruments spend millions a year on advertising with very little unbiased comparison. Their customers get coerced into buying their kit only to find out it does not suit their purposes. My intention, in this book, is to highlight how to trace power quality issues and what instruments are best used to do it.


As a manufacturer of any power quality instruments and/or peripherals (from test leads to complex recorders); If you believe you have something that positively contributes to the field of power quality engineering then you are welcome to send me products, complete with any associated software and connecting leads, for evaluation (please see the terms and conditions).

I will gladly put what is sent to test, write a report and, if the peripheral or instrument is worthy of mention, will be included in this e-book. This will be done at no cost to yourselves except that I keep what was sent, obviously at no cost to me. If it is thought that by slim chance there has been no exposure to a certain instrument and there is a belief it deserves a place within this book, then I leave it up to you to contact me.

And again; Unlike most other books on Power Quality, this book is being written in a personal capacity and independent of any supplier and is purely focused on power quality engineering.

You, as manufacturers, obviously agree as the website stats show most of you reading this e-book, and many downloading it. Therefore, with such blinding evidence, not contacting me can only make the second paragraph on this page, in your case, highly appropriate!

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