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Errors when starting
Power Analysis Software (PAS)

There are a number of errors that can occur if the user terminates the PAS program other than through the proper methods of closing down a Windows based program. The classic mistake is using the Task Manager (usually accessed through Ctrl-Alt-Del) to end the program/process. This can leave a range of errors, as listed below, many occurring through a user desperately trying to recover from the situation!

Errors encountered can be any of:

  • Internal Database error (0x3d)
  • Internal Fatal error RPMPWR32.EXE - Fatal Application
  • Error #: -70 Reading File C:\......
  • Internal Fatal error - An internal error has occured. - Exit now.
  • RPMPWR32.EXE - Application Error

Using a file search facility (usually "Start - Find/Search - Files or Folders"), search for a file using "omdb*.~mg" in the search box (Note: the tilde (~) is deliberate and must be included in the seach string). When located, simply delete this file.

With the recorder connected to the PC in the usual manner, restart the Power Analysis Software and perform a "Recorder - List Recorders" function. If the recorder is listed, then all is well and continue linking in the normal manner.

If not listed, the recorder itself may require a reset as it was 'locked' when the program was terminated. Resetting the recorder is covered in this document.

If there are any questions, please ask.

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