Reliable Power Meters
Performing a Reset
on a Power Recorder

There are situations, owing to the Power Recorder's complexity, where the recorder could appear to 'lock-up'. A facility has been provided to "reset" the Power Recorder although there are relatively strict rules to adhere to before performing such a "reset". The reason for these rules is, as stated, the recorder may only appear to have 'locked-up'. There are many instances where the recorder has become too busy to allow smooth communications between itself and the PC to which it is connected.

Note: Before performing a reset it should be observed that the reset described below is only a means to override the internal UPS i.e. allowing the unit to be powered down when in a locked-up state. This will not reset any apparent hardware or configuration problem beyond what a normal power-down, power-up cycle would accomplish. A reset does not affect any data or settings in the unit. However, a reset is highly likely lead to disk corruption and therefore raises the chance of data loss. See below.

The sequence to be followed should be:

  1. If you have arrived on site to retrieve data from a recorder that has been on site for some time, then, ensure all LAN cables (main and cross-over) are correctly installed and have not come adrift. If correct then, without disconnecting the LAN cables, re-boot the PC, ensuring you log on to the networks (do not cancel) and try again. The correct boot sequence is available here.

  2. Disconnect all voltage and current input leads to the recorder. Close down and restart the Power Analysis Software, and attempt to link to the recorder. If successful then the recorder became too busy processing 'dirty' power.

  3. If the recorder still does not link, then remove the power cable to the recorder. Observe the front panel lights and see if there is not a quick flash within 20 seconds. If there is then re-apply the power, wait for the recorder's 'boot sequence' and attempt to link to the recorder.

  4. If no flash then disconnect all cables. At this stage you should only have the LAN cable to remove, but in the event you have connected others (power and volt & current input) ensure they are also removed. Carefully move the recorder to an audibly quiet environment and listen for the hard disk drive. Note: the drive spinning emits a very low sound level and can be difficult to hear. If you are hard of hearing then leave the recorder for 7 to 10 minutes with nothing plugged into the front.

  5. the lan connectorIf the disk drive is not heard spinning (or you have waited the required time) then only is it safe to use the reset tool by simply inserting and immediately removing the tool.

    In the event you do not have a "reset tool" you can, at your own risk, provide a momentary short between pins 5 and 8 on the LAN connector on the front of the recorder.

    Please be careful! Attempting to perform a reset while the drive is in operation may corrupt files on the drive. If this happens, the recorder will have to be returned to a recognised Reliable Power Meters service centre for reformatting and reconfiguration (note: this cannot be performed by PC service centres!).

  6. Connect the LAN cable and apply power to the recorder. If the recorder completes a successful 'boot sequence', attempt to link to the recorder. If the recorder still fails to 'boot' it will have to be returned to a recognised Reliable Power Meters service centre for further investigation.

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