Using These Framed Pages

This has been done to offer you, the viewer, a method of getting to the page that interests you most in a quick and efficient manner.

You will notice at the bottom of the page an "Unframe" link, this does just that, unframes the content page so that it uses the full window. This helps with two things being viewing (especially if you are still bound to a 640x480 monitor) and printing. In the unframed condition the link reverts to "Index" offering you a fast path back to the main page.

If you do not wish to unframe but would like to only print the content page move the cursor into the content window, right click, and select print. Ensure the "Selected Frame" option is checked before clicking on "OK".

A Note to Webmasters:
You are welcome to link to any page in this site, but you may want to consider doing it properly and thereby offering your visitor the best experience.

The link ('href') can be made to open the referred page in the framed state from the beginning. This is done by using the section URL, a question mark, and the page name/number only. There are five main sections and an example link is shown below for each. It will be noticed that there is no '.htm' following the page name/number.

Power Quality -
Radio Telemetry -
Technical Support -
Misc. Technical -
Non-Tech Articles -

So the whole sequence to create a more professional link to this site usually involves no more than taking the URL of the page, remove the '.htm' from the end, and insert the question mark at the appropriate place.

When doing the link, have the target property open a new window i.e. target="_blank" else it could do weird things to your site!

Should you have any further questions or wish to make a comment please do email me

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