Upgrading NetGear
DG8x4 Routers

One cannot fault NetGear for putting the latest versions of the firmware on their support website. As is, upgrading has definitely increased the stability of the connection to two separate BT broadband installations. But, there appears to be a few very vital steps missing from the instructions (what instructions!?).

Please see bottom of page for info on latest firmware issues.

The following applies to both the

DG814 DSL Modem Internet Gateway, and,
DG834 and DG834G Wireless ADSL Firewall Router

These steps are necessary as it appears the allocation of the various addresses within the non-volatile memory of the router change with the later versions of firmware. Although they look fine when accessing the router, the router "hangs" when trying to log in to the ADSL connection. These steps cleared the problem on both routers mentioned.

The first missing instruction is disconnect the ADSL connection before starting the upgrade procedure.

Then, go through the settings making a note of ADSL login name, password, and any IP settings including the DNS routers.

Now only download the desired firmware version, downloading it to the router via the "Router Upgrade" option.

This next instruction is also missing from their website being log-out from the router and press the "factory default" button (on the rear of the unit) till the 'tick' (router test) lamp lights indicating that the factory defaults have been loaded to the non-volatile memory.

Log back into the router via using "admin" and "password" as user name and password respectively - please make sure your PC's network settings allow this connection - and then re-enter the values copied down earlier.

Reconnect the ADSL connection and happy routing!

Latest Versions - Issues

I have, at time of this update, tried V1.04.01 on the DG834G and it has a bug causing the router to completely hang. The fault is intermittent and recognised by the wireless indicator lamp extinguising. Only a power-down, power-up clears the fault (together with clearing out the log so there is no chance of trying to trap the fault).

NetGear have not responded as to the reasons; I can only assume such silence is a confirmation that a problem exists and they have not got the backbone to admit it.

The problem was cleared when rolling back to V1.03.00

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