Input/Output incorrectly

"The output appears to not work properly"

This has been quoted by many customers when configuring systems for the first time. Unfortunately many manufacturers are actually guilty of supplying equipment and software with 'default' configurations that can confuse, rather than help, the poor unsuspecting new user.

When configuring a new system, or adding to an existing one, have a look at all input and output configuration parameters e.g. whether the input or output is set to pulse or digital. A digital input configured to read pulses will see a change of state as a single count and transmit this through to a unit which will either do nothing with the value received or activate the output. However, when the input is released this will not be counted and the output will therefore stay 'locked on'.

Similarly, a digital output configured as a pulse type is likely to appear 'intermittent' as any update to the unit will be interpretted as the number of pulses to be output rather than which state the output should be in.

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