Individual Appliance
Surge Protection

I cannot believe it! Someone has finally cottoned on that the UK needs something that was commonplace where I hail from - a plug-top fitted with surge supression for use on individual domestic and small office appliances!

With PCs, the intelligent user will power the workstation via a suitably protected multi-way adapter. With individual items this is cumbersome and gets in the way - and is, as a result, never cast a further thought.

The following excellently manufactured solution is manufactured by MicroMark ( Specs for the MM22230 are:

    13A plug with surge protection
  • BS 1363 - 13A plug
  • 230VAC, 50Hz
  • Fused to 5A (1200W)
  • Clamp Specs
    - 3-way protection
    - 710Vpk
    - 9000A (9kA)
    - < 50ns
    - 240 joules

The above is perfect as tertiary level protection of individual appliances i.e. against spikes and low powered transients. Please note: This plug is not suitable as as primary lightning protection (the energy capabilities are just too low).

My recommendation is this is fitted to all electronic appliances around the home and office - TV (see below), HiFi, video, and anything else fitted with sensitive electronics. In the office this would include photo copiers, standalone printers, banking machines, etc.

A word of warning: Some appliances are fitted with "extra purpose" plugs e.g. TVs fitted with plugs housing built-in filters to comply with EMC regulations. In such cases it is advised to use an surge protecting multi-way adapter (e.g. 'double adapter' with built in MOVs). Please do look at the old plug carefully before replacing it with the one shown above.

By the way, if the TV is plugged into the same multiway adapater as, say, the video recorder (and you've wisely fitted such a plug to the VCR), then the TV benefits from the adjacent protection. It's not perfect, but does reduce the need to cut off the filter plug.

Appliances such as computerised washing machines with built-in dryers are a special case with respect to current draw (>5A). In this instance it is still advisable to install such protection, just simply increase the fuse to the full 13A but do have the plug free of any obstructions (especially flammable - as is advised for all appliances that demand high-current).


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