We Cannot Stop Lightning…

This is not the results of a definitive study on the causes and effects of lightning, but rather a small introduction to the subject so as to give you the data required to make sound judgements.

The concentration in this section is to emphasize the fact we just cannot put a stop to large static charges within storm clouds from discharging against an item with a relatively different charge level - in this case, Earth.

There are those who will attempt to convince you they can put a stop or control lightning - examples are manufacturers of Early Streamer Emission or Charge Transfer type protection systems. If these folk understood even just the basics of lightning, they would not have even contemplated entering this market.

The only way any protection can be accomplished is believing a strike will occur, and to then put in place the mechanism to deal with the current flow that accompanies the strike. There is no other means to deal with lightning.

I was privileged to be given the chance to give a talk to a number of consultants at an Earthing and Bonding conference hosted by ERA Technologies. The day proved interesting in that it indicated just how little is known by others about this subject!

The next page has the written notes of my talk.


We Cannot Stop Lightning... (talk)

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