In this section we are going to share quite a few ideas that have not only come from experience, but also products which participating companies have submitted and we feel have passed the test (not shown = not submitted/not passed test). If you have just felt as if your toes have been stepped on, move them! Remember, by publishing something someone has done means you put your name to it!

"What's All The Fuss" kicks off this section by providing a small wake-up call to those who think there is an unlimited supply of 'juice'.

"Areas Of Responsibilities" says it like it really is and will hopefully bring to an end the absurd notion 'someone else must pay for it!'.

"Throwing technology at technology" is not always the best method of curing a power quality issue, and we look at how companies offering solutions could very well drive up your need for headache tablets.

"Adapting What's There Before Employing More" has a careful look at attempting to make what is on site work with the already delivered quality of power, and how simple remedies are sometimes all that is required.

"Choosing Low or High Impedance Paths" - a contradiction is terms it is not - looks at the two situations of 'beefing things up' and 'giving things room to breath', and then deciding which is best for the situation.

"Grounds, Ground Loops, and Earth Leakage" - nuisance tripping, failing motherboards, wavy screens, dropped communications. Only a few of the many things ground issues can cause. The electrical guy couldn't care, and the computer guy doesn't know about them. What a combination!


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