Measuring Techniques:
Instruments in Power Quality

What can become confusing to anyone entering power quality as a profession is all the instruments that are now available for this purpose. Sadly, it is these very instruments that perpetuate many to no longer learn and know their basics. The old adage "a bad workman blames his tools" is now more appropriate than in years gone by.

The professional engineer will always say that such tools merely allow him to trace the fault quicker. The real test is if he cannot fix it with a multimeter then he is not worthy of the title of engineer (and if I have just stepped on toes, move them!).

We start this section by referring to the very instrument available to every job in the world - Ears. Strangely, even though it costs nothing, it appears to be the very instrument that is hardly used

We then move onto a very simple instrument, one you cannot buy, but in its own right is priceless. Knowing how to use a "time-weather" chart can often help find that all eluding fault.

Then come the electronic based instruments and we have dedicated a whole section to them.

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