The Way Things are Done

"One cannot escape
The Human Element"

As with all aspects of life, get a human involved and the most incredible things can happen!

Before it is thought we are criticising; Most blunders are made through a lack of experience, but one cannot fault the fact that at least they tried! Some of the greatest inventions were actually as a direct result of a mistake. There are, however, times when absolutely no thought is given to the way something is done.

Other times something that worked for one situation has been adopted for areas where it is totally unsuitable. No truer is this statement than when it involves a bunch of influencial people universally adopting a solution that was only suitable to one situation (and probably found by mistake!). The result, specifications!

The secret of my success as a diagnostician is that when it comes to tracing faults, throw the rulebook away! Unfortunately, we're stuck with them and need to learn how to work with the limitations imposed by the specs. That's the aim of this section.

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