Some Interesting Sites

While browsing, searching, or just during normal business contacts one comes across some very interesting pages on the 'Net.

Based in the UK, is the home of the Engineeringtalk email newsletter, where Product Design and Automation Engineers find information from manufacturers and distributors. Every day more news is added from suppliers, as soon as itís announced - weeks before any of it is read in print. The news releases form the equivalent content of a pile of magazines weighing over 40kg - a website that will surely help find whatever is being sought! The website includes how to submit your companyís news releases.

Based in the UK, is the home of the ElectronicsTalk email newsletter, where their team of reporters add dozens of new engineering product articles every day. You will find virtually all the major press releases from component suppliers here as soon as they are announced - weeks before you read them in traditional printed magazines. The Electronicstalk newsletter brings you the latest new product news for Electronics Engineers direct to your desktop, in a single weekly email. And it is completely free!

Radio-Electronics.Com is a resource centre for free information, data, articles, and tutorials about radio and electronics with a mix of informative overviews along with more in-depth investigations.

The areas included on the site cover cellular telecommunications (cell or mobile phone) technology, electronics and radio components (from resistors and capacitors to crystals and semiconductors), satellites (including GPS and satellite TV), radio broadcasting, radio receivers (including the superhet), radio signal propagation, private mobile radio (PMR), radio and electronics history (including Volta, Morse, Fleming and many more), and the latest technology news. is purely dedicated to electronics, and all facets are covered. This site comprises mainly of a list of links to other electronics sites and projects, probably the most extensive list I have ever seen. For the hobbyist (and the engineer scratching for an answer) this site is a must!

All the circuit diagrams on this website (and there are plenty) are all drawn using ORCAD Schematic Capture.

Having successfully run on an old donated copy of 1.04 (yes, can you believe it!), we suddenly required a Windows version when switching to XP. Parallel Systems (UK) came to our rescue with a limited capacity version. I must take my hat off to Cadence - all older schematics are imported with unbelievable ease and without fault (some having up to 1000 components!). I still believe this is the only worthwhile schematic capture software!

The one thing you'll probably have noticed about this site is the lack of a public forum where one can air views and ask questions. With too little time to both generate material and edit a forum, as well as the fact there are already quite a few around, it was felt this would not enhance this site at all. So we've left it to others such as the very neatly laid out one listed below.

Electro Tech Online is unique community on the internet where Electronic Hobbyist's can come and discuss electronic related topics. Electro Tech Online also offers free schematics and theory articles.

If you believe you would like to be featured on this 'links' page please drop us an email with a relevant place we can find the information and we'll include you.


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