Telog and DOS

A personal view regarding operating the DOS Linecorder software on Windows platforms beyond Win98.

Microsoft announced that after Windows 98, DOS programs would no longer be supported. Windows 3.11, 95, 98, and 98SE were all operated on a DOS platform so operating a DOS program was simply a case of dropping one level down and allowing DOS to do its thing. From Windows ME onwards, things changed and the platforms are now totally different in which DOS is now a shelled program and effectively operates one level up, not down. This means all DOS programs need to operate through these platforms (such as the com port) and there is no longer "direct access" to the hardware without Windows trying to regain control.

Win 95 ver C is the most stable of the Windows 32-bit platforms. The best way I can describe this is it took Microsoft a long time to come up with a perfect 9 hole golf course and getting the ball (program) to find a hole (bug) took an incredible stroke of luck. I am sure your IT division would be able to find an old dusty version of Win95 with USB support floating around the office and could reload the PC for you. Believe me, the speed increase will blow your mind!

If you follow this advice you will, again, be able to enjoy the benefits of the faultless LC software and other DOS programs that want to talk to the hardware directly (by the way, the little check box saying "DOS program not to detect Windows" actually means "Windows, leave the hell alone!" - but MS don't want you to know that).

A further advantage is you will also be able to use the Telogers for Windows package as well (as you are running Windows) when you need data to be transfered to other Windows programs (e.g. Excel).

Telogers for Windows performs well on the post Win98SE machine as the program allows Windows to do the interfacing thus everything operates fine. I can also strongly suggest that you download the latest version of Telogers from the Telog website (there have been a huge amount of bug fixes and loads of extra features - read the release notes).

Closing comments:

I hope the above explanation helps. It must be added that all DOS software, including Microsoft's DOS platforms for Win9x, is no longer supported. Telog also have ceased all support of their DOS software. Telog would like everyone to start using Telogers for Windows as a rule although I do understand anyone wanting to stay with LC. The choice is yours, stay with LC and have no further support or suffer a little pain while learning the program and then have all the support you need. I know this may appear blunt but it's straight talk.

If there are any questions please ask.

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