"Cold-start" procedure
for Telog Linecorders

If the Telog Linecorders are accidentally left on the shelf for too long, and the battery is allowed to run flat, it is possible for the microprocessor and surrounding circuitry to find itself in an "unknown state". This is perfectly normal in electronic circuitry of this nature and does not indicate any fault with it.

The cure for this is to totally discharge any stray voltages within the circuit and allow the microprocessor to have a "clean" reset. This procedure, also known as a "cold-start", is outlined below for both the 81x and 836i. Please note that there are two separate procedures, only use the one that is relevant.

TELOG 811 & 812

Disconnect all inputs to the recorder and remove the battery from the battery compartment for 15 minutes. Reinstall a fresh battery. If this does not clear the fault the recorder must be returned for repair.


TELOG 836i

Unplug the unit from any mains supply and remove the battery. Short the negative terminal of the battery carrier to the top left three pins of the connector just right of the battery holder for 5 seconds each (as shown in the diagram below).

cold start for 836i

Put a fresh battery into the carrier and attempt to communicate with the unit. If no success the unit is faulty and as such did not require a cold-start. Please send the unit in for repair.

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