Reliable Power Meters

Intermittent Linking

This is specifically related to the problem of "suddenly not being able to link, but able to link again the following day".

The inability to 'link' is usually found to clear when the user, through frustration, powers the recorder down and re-powers it the following day (with the usual success at being able to link once again). The recorder, during the night, flattens its battery and clears the lock-up created from disconnecting the LAN cable prematurely.

The fault is usually attributed to the user not "unlinking", or not allowing the unlink process to complete (usually about 10 seconds after issuing the "recorder unlink" command), before disconnecting the recorder from the LAN (be it just to the PC or a network).

Many users report immediate success after implementing the more permanent solution of developing the imperative discipline of unlinking first, then disconnecting the LAN cable some 10 seconds or more later.

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