Reliable Power Meters Remote Dial-up and
Windows 2000 / XP


It has, sadly, come to my knowledge that neither PAS nor Scenario running on either Win2k or WinXP are unable to remotely connect to any of the RPM range via dial-up connection.

It was determined when Win2k first came out to begin phasing out dial-up altogether and must therefore be deemed that dial-up is not supported by RPM on Windows 2000 and XP.

There also appears to be no workaround; Upon tracing the network activity, it is seen that requests to locate the remote unit were not being sent from the PC via the modem and on to the unit on the other side of the router. It appears PAS/Scenario does not open up a session on the remote connection - or at least only appears to open up a session with the local IP of the remote port (and appears to only happen once, clicking on 'Browse' a second time reveals no traffic whatsoever).

The only solution is to have dual operating systems with an older one loaded (e.g. Win98) for use with dial-up into RPM units.

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