Reliable Power Meters Linking to a
Transferred Database


The following is the procedure to link in a Scenario database transferred from one PC to another.


Step 1

Locate and copy (using suitable media as these files can be large) the *.MDB file that needs to be transferred. The name may not be the same as the database name on the original PC.

The best method of locating this file is to invoke Scenario on the original PC, open the database concerned, and read the name of the database reference. In this example it is "Marcs Testing", thus making the file "Marcs Testing.MDB" (note that spaces are also applicable in the file names).


Step 2

Once the *.MDB file is copied on to the new PC, start Scenario, leave the "radio button" on "Create a New Workspace", and click "OK"...

... and give the new workspace the desired name, and click on "Save".


Step 3

rpm0152d.gif - 4420 Bytes
A Workspace will be created.

"Right-click" on this workspace and select "Add Reference"...

A new screen will appear asking to "Select Data Source".

Locate and click the "New" button.


Step 4

Locate and select "Microsoft Access Database", and click "Next".

Type a name suitable name in the space provided and click "Next".

On the following screen, click "Finish".


Step 5

On the above screen, locate and click on "Select".

Locate and select the copied *.MDB file (in our example this was "Marcs Testing.MDB"), and then click "OK".

You will return to the "ODBC Microsoft Access Setup" dialogue, but with the name of the copied database now shown. Click on "OK".


Step 6

You will again return to the "Select Data Source" dialogue, but with the name of the reference used in Step 4 entered and shown in the selection window. Click on "OK".

The reference is now attached into the workspace, and upon clicking "OK" will open up the workspace into Scenario.

If there are any questions please ask.

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