Reliable Power Meters Backing up
'Polling' files

Here is a list of "handy files to back up" for PAS's Polling module when wanting to restore the PAS program after a program reload.

Locate your version of PAS. If installed using the typical directories/folders specified during the installation process, this will be found under

C:\Program Files\RPM\Power Analysis\

Find and copy all the the files listed below to an unused directory on your Hard Drive or to a diskette for safekeeping away from the PC.

OMLIMIT.DBF -Limits (CBEMA, ITIC, and personally generated)
OMPOLL*.DBF -Details of recorders defined for Polling
(copy all OMPOLL files)
OMALARM.DBF -Alarm Actions
OMTriggers -Individual recorder alarms

If there are any questions please ask.

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