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Failed Expand of a
Database on diskettes

This fault is recognised during an expansion when Disk 2 is inserted but the message asking for Disk 2 does not clear when clicking "OK" - as if the diskette inserted into the drive is not recognised as the next in the sequence.

The actual fault is an apparent incompatibility between PAS and Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The diskettes are not 'labelled' properly when compressing a database that spans more than one diskette.

The cure is a simple one of manually labelling the diskettes with their sequence ID. Care must be taken to ensure the diskettes are in the original order.

If only two diskettes, then simply use the "Run/Start" command dialogue and type in the label Disk 2 as shown below.

If having to label more than one diskette then it may prove worthwhile to open a DOS command screen and enter the label via this. Efficiency is gained by, after having typed the full command for Disk 2, simply having to use the sequence <F3> <backspace> 3 <enter> followed by the sequence <F3> <backspace> 4 <enter> etc. remembering to change the diskettes in between each sequence!

Note: The label must be "PKBACK# nnn" with PKBACK in capitals, and a space between the hash (#) and the diskette number - staring at '002' for the 2nd diskette.

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