Reliable Power Meters
Network Communications Timeout
(internal function 0x2B)

The error "Network Communications Timeout (internal function 0x2B)" happens either when the Recorder is too busy to process network commands from the PC, or there is a "fatal" network error. The causes are usually (but not limited to) one of the following:

  1. The recorder is very busy capturing and processing events (this usually happens on high speed units in electrically noisy environments).

  2. The Recorder has just been reloaded with firmware and is busy re-organising the hard drive (after re-load, the Recorder should be left powered up and to stand for 30 minutes).

  3. A very long name has managed to be programmed into the Recorder, site, or location name areas and is confusing the networks.

  4. The Recorder has either a damaged hard drive or a corrupt file and cannot process the data correctly (the latter can happen if the Recorder was reset while the hard disk was being written to).

  5. The network cards/interfaces are incompatible, damaged, or have failed (remember, network cards and pods can fail long after being put into service). Such failures are characterised by the recorder working perfectly with one PC or network, but failing on another (in the case of laptops a new PCMCIA network card may solve the network issue).

Except for items 4 or 5, there is a proceedure that may free up the Recorder and correct the situation.

  1. Connect only the power and LAN to the Recorder. Wait for the Recorder to complete its boot sequence.

  2. Power up the PC and, when ready, invoke the PAS software, but do not link to the recorder.

  3. Press SHIFT-CTRL-F7. PAS will browse for all available recorders. Select the recorder requiring repair, click "OK", and allow the software to load the Recorder by following the on-screen instructions. When the "Done" button appears click on it and when back at a "blank screen" close down PAS. Wait for 30 minutes. At no time try to link to the recorder during the 30 minute wait period.

  4. At the end of 30 minutes, Invoke PAS and do a "Recorders/List Recorders" function (do NOT try to link to the recorder). When the Browse window shows with the Recorder listed, click on "Settings" and ensure the Recorder Name is a simple name of no more than 14 characters. When done, click "OK".

  5. Now link to the Recorder and edit both the location and site information and reduce the name to simple 8 character names. Allow this to write to the recorder by clicking on "OK" at all occasions. When done un-link from the Recorder, power it down, wait 1 minute, and re-power the recorder. All should be ok. A simple 2 hour monitoring session should be done to ensure that the problem has cleared.

If this procedure does not clear the problem, or fails some way through the above procedure, then the Recorder has either a damaged hard drive or corrupt file and will need to be returned for repair.

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