Reliable Power Meters
Extracting Harmonic Data
from Scenario for G5/4 etc.

Before we begin, it is assumed that

  • a monitoring period of 1 hour or greater was set on the Recorder. If set for 15 or 30 minute recording period (i.e. 15 cycle or .5 second samples) the processor physically does not have the time to calculate the individual harmonics for each recording interval and therefore disables the feature for that recording. You are still permitted to Pause, Stop, and/or download before the recording is completed.

  • Scenario is already opened with the relevant database and the data is imported or downloaded. Please note that such harmonic data cannot be extracted if the individual harmonics are not downloaded from the recorder (this is an easy mistake to make as the harmonics are often left un-checked in an effort to speed up the download).

Assuming the above has been satisfied, let's begin.

Step 1

Begin by right clicking on "Phase A Voltage* Harmonics", and then moving the mouse pointer through "Export", and then selecting (by clicking on) "Export to Excel" or "Export to Text File(s)". This latter selection depends entirely on how you need the data presented to any external program.

[ * or phase and input of your choice]

Ensure you select the correct harmonic graph. There are two sets of harmonic graphs and are easily confused with one another. There is limited space for wording and each set is worded the same. The icons, however, are different.

Icon for the graph of the average and maximum harmonics for the entire recording period. These graphs are located approximately in the middle of the selections.

Icon for the graph of the trend harmonics for the recording period, i.e. the average and maximum for each harmonic for each recording interval. These graphs are located towards the end of the selections.

Step 2

A screen similar to the one below will appear.

If your PC has sufficient memory to to comfortably run multiple applications then feel free to have Scenario "Show the spreadsheet after the export has completed", else ensure this is unchecked. Make a note of the path where the export file is located as this will be needed should you choose not to show the file after export. If the location is not to your liking then click on the "Change" button and define a more suitable path.

Step 3

The following animated screen will appear.

Should you wish to cancel the export then you may do so at this time. If not, then just leave the program to continue (note that this can take some time).

Step 4

If you allowed the data to be displayed after the export then this is displayed, an example is given below.


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