Reliable Power Meters
Don't forget to
Set the Preferences for
Reliable Power Meter's
Power Analysis Software

If the 'fault' where the instrument appears to default to the US standard (60Hz) is suffered, it is highly likely the default preferences have forgotten to be set. Every time a database within the Power Recorder is 'Reset', these default preferences are used.

Step 1

Start by invoking the Power Analysis Software.

accessing the preferences dialog

Click on "Options" and then "Preferences".

Step 2

A screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed.

the preferences dialog

Select the most common method the recorder is used, paying special attention to the frequency. It is advised that 3-phase 'Y' be selected and also the local line voltage. This allows rapid connection to a mains distribution board without the worry of whether the instrument is adjusted for this or not.

Note: These preferences are stored on the PC and not on the Power Recorder. It is imperative that every PC associated with the Power Recorder have the preferences set accordingly.

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