Reliable Power Meters
System Design Guide for a
Reliable Power Meters'

A Reliable Power Meters' MultiPoint is a complex device with many optional features available. Below is a system design guide to help understand "how it all fits together".

A few notes:

  • Options 1651, 1652, & 1653 are pre-fitted to all low-speed units (1941/2)
  • Options 1651, 1652, 1653, 1656, & 1658 are pre-fitted to all high-speed units (1948/9)
  • Options 1662, & 1663 can be fitted to both low and high speed units


A few notes:

  • The LAN/WAN can consist of a single network hub, a full blown LAN or WAN, or dedicated WAN system comprising of a dial-up router (RPM side) and modem (PC side).
  • If on a LAN, it is highly possible the option 1663 (TCP/IP Stack) will be required. This option is required for a dedicated WAN.

Below is the options available for connecting to and measuring current.

input options

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