Reliable Power Meters
Power Off sequence
for a Power Recorder

You wouldn't just switch off your laptop without shutting down Windows, would you?
Then why do you do it to your Power Recorder?

Although a Power Recorder is a lot 'tougher' than a Windows based laptop, it is still a PC and it therefore pays to disconnect it in an orderly fashion. The sequence laid out below is for when you have completed a recording on a site.

There are two scenarios shown below. The first is if a laptop is taken to site and the Power Recorder controlled while in-situ. The second is should the unit be pre-programmed for monitoring (e.g. 5 minutes after power is applied) and is then collected during or after the recording period is completed.

In both these scenarios it will be noticed that the voltage and current leads are left in until after the unit is powered down. This is done (remembering that the indicators light up with the presence of voltage or current) so as to provide a definitive indication that the unit has indeed shut itself off.

'Shutting Down' a PR:

The first, all important rule:
If you have linked to the Power Recorder, ensure you unlink before removing the LAN cable from the recorder. It is also suggested you leave the cable plugged in if you are about to shut down Windows. It shuts down a lot quicker as it has an active network to release (removing the cable causes a network fault which Windows has to first deal with before it can proceed with a shutdown).

  • If you are downloading the data on site: (It is assumed you have downloaded the data and are happy that the recorder can be taken away from the site).
    • Stop the monitoring session if still active.
    • You may wish to download the data again if the monitoring session was active. Being active, certain events may still have been open and would not have downloaded.
    • Unlink from the PR.
    • Remove the LAN cable (observing the above advice about Windows).
    • Remove the power cable, and wait till the panel lights have extinguished (this allows the disk to stop spinning).
    • Remove the voltage and current leads.
    • Remove the recorder from site.

  • If you are collecting the unit for downloading back at base:
    • Remove the power cable and wait until the input indicators extinguish. This can take up to 7 minutes if the unit is still monitoring and engages its internal UPS. You must wait for the lamps to extinguish before moving the unit.
    • Remove the voltage and current leads.
    • Remove the recorder from site.

      Back at base:
    • Connect the LAN cable from PR to laptop/PC.
    • Power-up the PR and wait for the boot sequence to complete.
    • Invoke the Power Analysis Software and link to the Power Recorder.
    • Check the current monitoring session and stop if still monitoring.
    • Proceed with the normal download.

      Note: With this method, it is strongly advised that you allow the recorder to complete the programmed monitoring session before removing it from site. This will minimise possible problems with the recorded data.

      If you had to manually stop the recording session, some events may have still been open at that time. These will close, but as they were open the data associated with them will be false and must be ignored.

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