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Clearing the
'Armed' status

The following is a procedure to clear the 'Armed' status from a bad monitoring request. This status manifests itself as the Recorder showing "Armed" when set to "Monitor Now".

This status can be set if the Recorder is asked to "Monitor At" or "Monitor After Power Applied for ? Minutes" and never given the chance to switch to monitor mode. This usually happens if the stipulated date/time is passed before power is applied, or power is applied but the recording stopped before the monitoring starts.

The procedure is:

  • Stop the current recording. If the Multiple Session option (1662) is installed then ensure all sessions are stopped.

  • When available, click the 'Reset' button to clear the database. If option 1662 installed then ensure all sessions/intervals are reset.

  • Power-down the recorder and wait ten minutes (to shorten the wait time, apply voltage to the inputs then wait till the indicators extinguish and then wait a further 30 seconds before proceeding)

  • Power-up the recorder, wait for the "Boot Sequence", wait a further 1 minute, and then proceed as normal.

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