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"There is never a stupid question. There are, however, stupid mistakes.
The primary one is not asking the question in the first place."

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..... Simply put - "If in doubt, don't!".

Some questions asked of technical support departments are not sufficiently related to the products sold for companies to warrant the time to create suitable documentation. There are also times when users need products to operate beyond specification and require 'tricks' to achieve results. Suppliers and/or distributors, rightly so, cannot always endorse such 'deviations' as they are no longer in control of the operating environment.

These pages have been created as a platform where questions indirectly related to the products can be answered, and also as a place where ideas can be expanded on that may improve or enhance the use of the products.

The information found here is created during my free time therefore not every question posed will be answered although a serious effort will be made to try and answer as many as possible. If you have found anything of help how about an email, they do wonders for encouragement.

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