Elpro 105UC to
Schneider TSX SCY12000 PLC

The diagram below shows the inter-connections between an Elpro 105UC and a Schneider TSX SCY12000 PLC.

These connections are for MODBUS data transfer using RS485 between the two items. The TSX is set to Master mode as the Elpro acts as a RTU slave.

The termination resistor shown is the standard RS485 termination resistor as supplied by Elpro.

If using TSX SCY CM 6030 cable for this connection, connect the Green/White, Orange/White, & Blue/White to the 105UC RS485 (+) terminal, and the White/Green, White/Orange, & White/Blue to the 105UC RS485 (-) terminal. When using the cable do not use the termination resistor, the PLC offers a resistor, via the blue-pair wires, on pins 11 and 23 of the connector.