Fitting a High Speed Modem
to a PowerNode

Below are the settings when fitting a MultiTech MT5600ZDX modem to an Enetics PowerNode (formerly BEMMS) unit.

The PowerNode must be fitted with a M-323 Direct RS232 Port module. This is then wired to the Multitech through a standard 9 to 25 pin cable (shown below for those who desire to make their own).

The settings are initiated at 57600 Baud.

Command Issued:

- Instruction carried out:
at&F - Default to Factory Settings
at$SB57600 - Secure Serial Data Rate at 57600 Baud
at&C1&D0&S1 - Carrier Detect on when Carrier Present
- DTR is ignored
- DSR shows presence of Carrier
at&E3&K0 - Disable Modem Initiated Flow Control
- Disable Flow Control
atS0=0 - Disable Auto Answer
  Note: PowerNode issues the ATA command
atE0M0Q0V0X0 - Echo Off
- Silence the Speaker
- Allow Command Responses
- Responses are Codes
- Disable Call Progress
  Note: Commands are not echoed from this point on
at&W - Save the settings

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