Dranetz-BMI Dranetz 658
Using High Density Diskettes


What Dranetz-BMI say

When unable to find Double Density (720K) diskettes, you can use readily available High Density (1.44MB) diskettes in your Model 658 with this easy trick.

Take a look at a diskette. The High Density diskettes have two square holes along the back end; One is the write-protection slot, the other indicates to the drive the the diskette is a High Density (1.44MB) type.

The Double Density (720K) type had only one square hole (the write-protection slot). The 658 was designed for this older diskette.

To make the newer disks usable in the 658, simply cover the second hole with a piece of masking tape (or any other decently opaque tape such as silver labels). Be sure to format the diskette in the 658 before use.

What I say

Having been let down more times than I care to remember by this advice given by Dranetz-BMI, I decided to find a more reliable solution to the problem.


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