Non-Technical Articles

An index of non-technical articles written, together with a brief overview of the content.

"Not Very British"

Is offering service a very British thing to do? This article examines this very explosive issue.

Sharing: The Secret of Success

Many individuals think that keeping 'tricks of the trade' to themselves is a way of securing their job. This is not the case.

Listen Towards Increased Sales

Don't you just love bean counters. When sales start falling, all they seem to come up with is a story that ensures the blame stays well out of their court. We show the real way to stop sales going down!

Salemen Resist Selling

So you think salesmen are wanting to sell their product? I am not convinced this is the case.

Seeds don't grow in oil

With modern management forced to try and make the best of limited resources, they often make the huge mistake of diversifying an individual's role - with dire consequences.

The Fiscal Perils of Self-Atempting Unusual Repairs

I run a small fault analysis consultancy now, and it is increasingly amazing me how much money is being wasted by people desperately trying to effect a repair on an unusual problem that is clearly out of their depth of expertise - but they refuse to call in a specialist until their job is threatened.

Setting up On-line Tech Support

Browse most technology orientated company websites and it is soon apparent they are full of technical sales data regarding the products, but seriously lacking any technical support material. We show that setting up on-line tech support is not a complex function.

Don't 'cold-call' your field techie

It may be a burning desire to find out what is happening when your field techie is on a call, but do you know the stress it causes him?

"The Customer Is Always Right..."

The Customer Is Always Right - an attitude that can lead to failure in a business, but what is the alternative?

The Electronics Diagnostician

The Electronics Diagnostician is more than a Jack of all trades in the electronics field.....

"System Under Test"

A get-real look at the infuriating comment - System Under Test!

Test Engineering - A View

Methodologies is often regarded as bordering on the profane. However, there are times it is a perfectly acceptable word, and this is when used with 'test'. We give one view to this thinking here.

"Business Card Engineer"

So everyone has 'engineer' on their business card, but is does this mean they can do the job?

Techies - The Real Engineers

When one asks the question why does the term 'techie' carry with it negative thoughts? One thing that stands out every time is how prospective employers offer such poor pay when advertising for technical support people, or technicians as they were once called.

Time to Get Real

Is getting recognition by an engineering institution truly worth the effort? This article examines the cons.

UK-SPEC, SARTOR repackaged?

UK-SPEC. Is this not just the old SARTOR repackaged? Many do, so I wrote and told them so!

Emergencies in a state!

Telecommunications during emergencies are in a state! This ariticle shows how others never learned from an exercise.

For the Benefit of the Listener

An article to highlight some of the horrendously bad practices still being encountered in the world of sound engineering

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