About This Site

"There is never a stupid question. There are, however, stupid mistakes.
The primary one being not asking the question in the first place."

Those who know me well will know my motto and that it is quoted at the start of all my training sessions. Questions asked is what gives us answers. Whoever teaches that it is rude to ask questions should, in the words of my favourite cartoon character Garfield, "be drug out into the street and shot".

But having said this, there is also the thought that there will be more than one person with the same question. This could lead to a question being asked more than once and there is a dislike to answering the same question over and over, even if it is to different people. And so, Marc's Technical Pages were formed to create a platform where questions could be answered, once.

This website is not here just for your benefit but also for mine. The UK is unbelievably short of "practical application engineering" and I was starting to lose the 'touch'. By answering questions I also get the opportunity to 'stretch the muscles' (so-to-speak) and keep my hand in.

You will probably notice a lack of flare for "coo-el" graphics, but then again graphics are what make the 'Net slow - don't they? This is an information website and will not pretend to be anything else.

If there are any questions please email me

If you do forward a request by email please be aware that this site is only maintained after-hours, in fact a lot is written on the train to and from work! There may be some time before your questions are answered. Like good food, good answers take time to prepare.

This site is hosted at GlobalGold

GlobalGold seemed to have ended my hosting nightmare. After transferring to their servers I was amazed that the whole site worked without a single file requiring any modification. Their technical support too is extremely quick.

Domains registered at FreeParking

Quick, simple, on-line registration of domains is this company's claim to fame. Having registered a few domains through this service has proved this - and what's more, you retain full control of every aspect of your domain!

Unfortunately, it has not all been plain sailing. Their technical support is a little shaky. Twice this company has let me down and both times when domain names were up for renewal. Twice I changed the contact email address, and twice they changed it back to the original but now dead one resulting in my not being notified of the need to renew. If you are going to use them, do keep a watch on this sort of thing. I would use them again, now that I know their failings!


All webpages are created and edited using Sausage's HotDog Pro. I initially ran on a free version (via the .Net mag), and was thrilled when a special offer came along to upgrade to version 6 (remember, this is a personally financed website). Their support (although I have needed very limited support) is brilliant. As an ex machine code programmer this software suits my style of working in all ways.

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Please note: This site uses the classic Microsoft "Symbol" font. If you cannot see "Square-Root of Delta Ohms" alongside, you do not have the font installed and may find strange engineering units within certain text.

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