Marc Grant Dekenah (MIET)

Marc is an independent electrical/electronic fault investigation and analysis consultant with over 25 years of industrial electrics/electronics experience as Consultant, System Engineer, Technical Director, Design Engineer, Chief Engineer, Workshop Manager, Customer Service Manager and Technical Manager.

He has, together with superb and cheerful interfacing skills, a strong ability to solve clients' crisis-level problems by applying broad and well founded knowledge, experience, and moral work ethics.

Marcís experience includes design, manufacture, development, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, modification, diagnosing and troubleshooting of command & control centres, voice & data on PMR networks, telemetry, control and instrumentation, PLC and SCADA systems, power and signal distribution, and surge protection systems.

Marc is also well known as a power quality specialist by a number of blue chip companies throughout the world, especially for his 'wider view' approach that encompasses harmonics, lightning protection, ac power control and EMC compliance. He has published numerous articles on the subject of Power Quality and Harmonics and has spoken at many relevant conferences.

Marc moved to the UK in early 1999 and in mid 2003 launched his successful independent fault investigation and analysis consultancy focusing on diagnosing software and hardware problems, and also the training of others - the company is based in Milton Keynes and boasts the grand total of one employee... his gorgeous wife, Allegonda.

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